Work Plan

The project is clearly structured by work packages, each company is responsible for the completion of its work package. An overview of all work packages is depicted below. 

Development of the GaN-based intelligent power module ”IPM” and the power electronics applications are the core activities of the GaNext project. In the first stage of the project, requirements of the application partners are gathered and the IPM specification is defined by CSA Catapult. Based upon these specifications, the IPM is build where Cambridge GaN Devices designs the GaN semiconductors, Infineon is in charge of the gate driver, Fraunhofer and advICo develop the integrated controller and the TU Dortmund works on the IPM layout. All these sub-parts are packaged into a multi-chip module that can be mounted on an application PCB. The full potential of the developed IPM is shown by the application partners where each partner focuses on a specific market. Lyra is designing an EV charger, Signify develops a converter for lighting applications, Macon uses multiple IPMs in a three-phase motor drive, the TU Eindhoven is researching the advantages and limitations of high-frequency operation and Neways is developing a PV inverter. Sumida will be supporting the application partners by designing, simulating and optimizing the magnetic components.

Lastly, the project management is fulfilled by Cambridge GaN Devices which is vital to successfully achieve the ambitious project goals.